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Fair Scotland, Fair for Everyone

The SNP leader, Alex Salmond, has announced the Scotland will be fairer after independence. The gap will be closed between rich and poor. To me this suggests that taxes will be raised. Since the SNP have said they will lower … Continue reading

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Mr Vladimir Putin – the Chess Grand Master

Mr Putin is the master planner. He thinks like a chess grand master. He thinks many moves ahead planning the long game often play multiple games at once or perhaps one game on many fronts. Initially I suspected he was … Continue reading

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My Patent Ten Commandments

Patents are so supposed to protect inventors, allow them to innovate and earn a living from their inventions. However they are been assimilated into the corporate arms arsenal, used to bombard corporate rivals, and annihilate start-ups before they have a chance to blossom. Any large … Continue reading


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Libyan Refugees seen in Normandy – Signs of Spring

Early Swallows arrive in Normandy Today, whilst trying to get on top of the gardening, I spotted a pair of Swallows arrived fresh from their African winter holiday. When I pointed them to my wife, she said “Oh they’ve escaped from … Continue reading

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