Salmond says Vote not about SNP

Salmond says the Vote is “not about the SNP” and “not about him”. Well he is wrong on both these counts. The Scottish National Party is defined by the Yes campaign, without the independence debate there would be no SNP! There would be no SNP without Alex Salmond.
Whenever I hear a SNP politician speak, they bang on that Scotland will be a fairer place. There will be better provision for the disadvantaged, better schools, free university education. A these real promises or politicians’ promises. All this points to a growing deficit and a poorer Scotland in the long term.
Spend now, pay later. Unfortunately we have recent experience of the UK Labour Government following this path to a massive deficit. Next we will see massaging of the education and other statistics to shut up the questioning few, usually those wallets have been most pilfered by the politicians.
The Yes campaign has been focused on why what you will get if you vote Yes, unless you actually a hard working, wage earning member of Scottish society. To quote John F. Kennedy “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” If the SNP followed this line, I would not be sitting on the fence, trying to figure out which devil to vote for!


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