My Problem with Scottish Independence

What is is my problem with Scottish Independence? Actually my problem isn’t independence. It’s politicians! My faith and trust in politicians is limited. Specifically I suspect both sides of the political debate are going to make promise they can’t deliver. One side, will basically trade on the fear of the unknown. The other will, go for heart rending idealism, and targeted promises of good fortune.

In essence, I don’t really know what I am signing up for. Do I close my eyes and put a tick in the Yes box?
Well actually that is in my nature? If there is a question to be asked I will ask it even of myself. My questions:
What is the cost of Independence?
What is the cost for Scotland of staying in the UK? Is this tangible?
What will the level of taxation be?
Will there be a law to state that Scotland must set a balanced budget rather than leaving the mess for the next generation?
How can Scotland guarantee that it will gain EU membership?
How will Scotland guarantee that to gain EU membership it will not have to use the Euro?
How much of the UK’s debt will Scotland inherit?
How will Scotland’s oil wealth be invested?
Scotland’s oil will eventually run out, how will it support itself afterwards?
How will Scotland maintain low level’s of inflation and unemployment?
How far will Scotland go to maintain it independence? As an English born Scottish citizen, will I be interned if state of war occurs with England?
Like the rest of the World, Scotland will be facing an ageing population, how will this be supported?
How will Scotland maintain a positive balance of payments?
How the large minority of the population who disagree with the out come of this referendum be encouraged into the fold?
How will people be discouraged from becoming welfare dependent?
Scotland will be a small economy, how will that be encouraged to grow?
How will the balance of power be divided between the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary?
How will Scotland maintain a positive food and natural resource balance?
How will Scotland support industry and grow it’s exports?
How Scotland encourage inward investment?
How will Scotland support workers right?
Will Scotland have a written constitution?

I guess some of the these questions will be answered when I start reading the documents and understand better the two sides of the argument. I hope so!!!


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