Orange buy DailyMotion – the end of Net Neutrality?

It is reported that Orange owned by the France Telecom has acquired 49% of the Dailymotion. I am just wondering what this means in the longer term for Youtube and hence Google. Orange is a big player in European telecoms as well as being an ISP.

There are two aspects of net neutrality that interest me; the recent Google Verizon proposal say there should be net neutrality but only wired not for wireless internet, then BT allowing the facility for individual ISPs to charge content firms for high speed delivery.

So are Orange positioning themselves for the demise of net neutrality if so which way will the other ISP’s go Youtube/Google or DailyMotion/Orange? Certainly for Wireless Internet this buy looks a good deal. However will Orange’s customers tolerate poor response from Youtube or vote with their feet?


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I am an internet programmer, and smallholder. I am really trying to figure out what I can do with Wordpress. A few observations and thoughts which someone on the dark side of the moon might find either useful or interesting.
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